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Many thanks to all of you who have made, and several of you who continue to make donations large and small, that have helped so many people in the Kovalam area of Kerala in South India.THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Sometimes, whilst sitting reading or relaxing, my mind takes me to Kerala and to particular projects, be they on-going ones or th many one-offs that we/you have been able to assist and I find it staggering just how many the numbers are.

However, I have decided to close down the charity from 15 July 2020 for three reasons. Firstly, I am delighted to say that just about all of the families that we currently support are now able to support themselves and, secondly, my health issues have had effects that cause me to forget things etc.. Finally, with the current world health situation causing so much hardship to so many people, it is increasingly more difficult to raise funds.

For me, it has been a real delight to be able to contribute to the quality of life of so many people over the years.


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