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1 : I would like to THANK the many of you who have been concerned about my health. As of today -  Sunday 28 October 2018 -  I have been told that I do not need any chemotherapy for the myeloma for at least 4 weeks making a break of 8 weeks in all. It seems that (perhaps) it is in full remission (he says with fingers crossed!!!).

My heart, stent and defibrillator are behaving themselves and, apart from walking up hills, seem to be helping me considerably. Long may they continue.

2 : Runners may not realise that by entering my events, part and sometimes all of your entry fee goes to supporting work that we have been undertaking in southern India for many years. Many of you have made additional one-off or regular donations to ensure that families with problems have been helped to overcome them. Please keep on entering my events, if only to help continue this valuable work.

As a result of the recent horrific floods in Kerala, two or our supported families suffered more that most; one completely saw their house totally washed away and the other family woke up to a missing roof. You will be pleased to learn that a new roof was fixed within 24 hours and the foundations are already in place for the building of a new, simple home for the other family. In addition, through your help and generosity, a young woman from a very poor home has her university fees  and expenses paid for her 3 year degraa course.




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